Are Extraterrestrial Biological Entities Our Future Masters? [ePub]

by Chet Dembeck

Are Extraterrestrial Biological Entities our future masters?

That is the unanswered questions. What are they? Read on.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, I have been able to obtain many FBI and other government documents regarding years of mysterious cattle mutilations in the Western United States.

These documents include letters from pleading and sometimes angry senators urging the FBI to investigate these strange accounts of the surgical removal of cattle sex organs, left eyes and completely draining their blood without the perpetrators leaving so much as a track in the mud. They also include accounts of threats being made to a newspaper editor by unidentified individuals and reports of ranchers being chased by unmarked helicopters on their own grazing lands.

In addition to this strange and ongoing anomaly, this concise e-book includes the testimony and thoughts of monumental UFO whistle blowers on cattle mutilations, the Roswell crash and the real intentions of the alleged extraterrestrial whose bodies allegedly were recovered in July of 1947.

This latest briefing book also includes more government documents regarding the Roswell incident, including a report from the General Accountability Office that concludes Roswell documents were destroyed without proper authorization. It also includes a declassified paper outlining a plan of survival if the United States is ever invaded by a hostile technologically advanced enemy.

As a result of listening to the feedback of my loyal readers, I have also included a section on some of the most authentic extraterrestrial photographs I could find through hours of research.

You will also find the most compelling UFO photo graphs I was able to recover as well. Moreover, I have obtained FBI and Defense Department documents describing and confirming some of the most credible UFO sighting ever, all corroborated by at least two credible eyewitnesses.

I have also make it my business to give you the most value for your $1 by including a bonus section , which is an excerpt from an upcoming book I am working on about ancient astronauts. In this section I will share with you the compelling evidence for the ancient astronaut theory I found in the Book of Enoch, and I include photos of ancient Native American carvings and masks that appear to strongly support this theory.

All in all, I trust you will find this latest volume well worth your time and money.

Chet Dembeck



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