Baby-Sitters' Summer Vacation (The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special, #2) [ePub]

by Ann M. Martin

a classic early babysitters club super special. apparently dawn spends a lot of time taping movies off TV with her VCR. does that date this shit or what? two movies she has taped & shown the other babysitters are "the parent trap" (kristy speculates that dawn wishes she could get her parents back together...even though dawn's mom is dating mary anne's dad & dawn & mary anne seem really psyched about that) & "meatballs" (pretty racy for the BSC). after one viewing, the girls start thinking about how awesome it would be to go to camp. somehow they find out about camp mohawk, & they petition their parents to let them go. & because this is the babysiiters club, they can't just go to camp & have fun riding horses & making macaroni art. no, they have to care for children. so they are all accepted to be counselors-in-training (CITs). they even write to stacey in new york & convince her to attend as well. & the news filters through the rest of stoneybrook's youth, until a couple of dozen of the club's sitting charges have brownbeaten their parents into paying for two weeks of sleep=away camp. mallory & jessi have even gotten the camp to permit them to enjoy the privileges of being CITs-in-training. times like these, the eleven-year-olds have no dignity at all.

the super special is formatted as a special diary that stacey convinces all the other sitters (including logan) to write in so she'll have a document of her camp experience. she figures it's the least they can do for her agreeing to give up two weeks of new york city summer. i have been to new york city in the summer. you'd think stacey would be desperate to escape. it is not fun. the heat, the humidity, the smells, & the tourists crawling everywhere like cockroaches...ugh.

each sitter has their own little story:

stacey immediately contracts pink-eye from one of her campers, sits in a great big patch of poison ivy her first night at camp, somehow gets impetigo on her face, & comes down with a cold. she spends most of her camp time in the infirmary. she also has a camper with a lisp, & they somehow become buddies.

mary anne's fellow CITs (there are four to each age group) are really mature & sophisticated, & mary anne tries to impress them by mentioning that she has a boyfriend. they are skeptical, so she writes logan a love note & conspicuously leaves it on her bunk for them to find. when they find it, they suggest she sneak around the lake to the boys' side & give it to home. mary anne nervously agrees. she makes it halfway around the lake before being discovered (one of her campers tattles) & returned to the girls' side of camp. a boy counselor takes the note to give to logan. later mary anne's co-CITs meet logan at the big camp dance & they believe that mary anne mature? sophisticated? for having a boyfriend? whatever. they also try to pierce mary anne's ears with a sewing needle, but chicken out at the last second.

logan's story is just about receiving the note, which was really goopy & not something mary anne ever intended to actually let logan see. his fellow CITs (one of whom is described as "wild" because he wears hawaiian shirts—i think ann m. martin caught twenty minutes of "animal house" one time & that informed her characterization of "wild" male characters) think mary anne is a "feeb" for getting caught walking around the lake. but when they meet her at the dance, they think she's cool & pretty. crisis averted.

kristy is also dealing with excessively mature co-CITs, who insist on giving her a makeover. & she lets them, displaying an insecurity absent from later, more ham-fisted kristy thomas characterizations. she looks pretty, but thinks it's too much work to do everyday. also, charlotte johanssen is in kristy's bunk, & she's really homesick. kristy worries about her a lot & wonders if she'll have to go home early.

dawn is a CIT for an 11-year-old bunk. one of her campers is really quiet & book-ish & the other girls pick on her, while dawn does astonishingly little to stop them. they're allowed to go on an overnight in the woods, but their counselor has to leave due to a family emergency the night before, & their replacement counselor isn't quite the navigational superstar she fancies herself. the campers get lost in the woods for two nights, before the bookish camper finally leads them to safety & redeems herself with everyone. turns out she knew what to do because she's read a survival manual. okay.

claudia falls in love with a boy camper named will. he's japanese & claudia speculates that her parents would like her to settle down with a japanese man. they attend a movie night & the dance together, & they hold hands. her campers help claudia & will get together, & later they get his address for her so they can stay in touch. claudia also eats a lot of junk food. if there's more to her story, i don't remember it. pretty fucking boring.

jessi & mallory are co-campers who immediately incur the judgment of the other girls in their bunk by being nerdily over-excited about claiming their bunks. then mallory puts on a junior CIT armband & gives one to jessi & everyone thinks they suck even more. jessi isn't sure about wearing the armband & further alienating herself from the other campers, but she does it out of loyalty for mallory. don't let her drag you down, jessi! you have coolness potential. to top things off, the other campers are pretty racist to jessi. one of them makes a crack about jessi & mallory being "oreos," which jessi identifies as a mangled attempt at a racist insult. nonetheless, jessi & mallory are pretty sanguine about the whole thing, & they're given a special assignment to teach the eight-year-olds a special dance for parents' night. they end up putting together a performance critiquing racism & embracing diversity & friendship, which inspires most of their bunkmates to shame-facedly apologize.



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