Children of the Flower Power [ePub]

by Carroll Bryant

When 15 year old New Yorker, Sally Williams, gets stuck for the summer on her grandparents (Wesley Morris, Jennifer Kapshaw) old hippy commune in Beddington, Maine, she had no idea that her life would turn upside down. Things get a bit interesting however, when she meets local town hunk, Josh Terwilliger and then decides to throw her hippy grandparents a surprise 4th of July party by inviting some of their old friends back to the place they called home during the mid 60's to mid 70's. It all spirals out of control when more than expected arrive. Insanity creeps in when they decide to take one last ride across the country to California, stopping along the way to visit the old communes of the past, only to discover, it's not what it use to be. A trip that almost didn't get to happen when Sally's mother, Christine Williams, shows up early from her job assignment. Resenting her upbringing on the commune, Christine comes full circle with who she is while her daughter comes of age. And Jennifer teaches them both that "You can't trick fate." For fans of Ann Brashares, Meg Cabot and Rebecca Wells, Children Of the Flower Power will warm your hearts while making you laugh.



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