Soda Shop Salvation [ePub]

by Rae Katherine Eighmey

On October 28, 1919, members of the U.S. Senate took the final step in making Prohibition the law of the land. The nation was going completely dry—and the soda shops were ready.

When Prohibition shuttered saloons, thirsty law-abiding citizens turned to soda fountains for sustenance and entertainment. Parlor owners developed concoctions to suit every taste—and to keep their counters and tables full. Names from the soda shop menu hint at the dimensions of change in this dynamic era: Prohibition Sour, Flapper Frappé, and sundaes like the Suffragist, Soldier Boy Kiss, and “Reel” Nice Movie—all of which are included in this volume—are among scores of tasty, innovative treats.

Soda Shop Salvation collects more than 125 recipes for imaginative drinks, sundae varieties, and luncheonette delights from the 1920s, evoking the time of speakeasies, newfangled devices, and racy automobiles. Tidbits of the history of suffragists and flappers, bootleggers and G-men—whose collective commentary demonstrates that the nation’s approach to Prohibition was anything but straightforward—interweave with the recipes. Excerpts and quotes from publications of the time offer advice for entrepreneurs, tips on early road food, and some really corny jokes. Soda Shop Salvation gives readers a taste of life during this turbulent time.

Rae Katherine Eighmey is the author of numerous food history books, including Food Will Win the War: Minnesota Crops, Cooks, and Conservation during World War I and Potluck Paradise: Favorite Fare from Church and Community Cookbooks.



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