The Zero Tolerance Diet [ePub]

by J.J. Virgin

I saw JJ Virgin on PBS and decided to give her diet a try.My husband and I both have sinus issues, and I had read from other sources that often these improve with the elimination of dairy and/ or wheat products from the diet.Her book is basically an elimination diet similar to one a doctor might have you follow if attempting to diagnose food intolerances.

The Book was an easy enough read.I found it somewhat repetitive at times.There were some inconsistencies in her recommendations- in one of the chapters she gives instructions for reintroducing the eliminated foods referring you to a later chapter with more detailed information and recipes.The order in which you are to introduce each food in the later chapter was different than she stated in the earlier chapter.Maybe it does not make that much difference - but better editing would have caught this error.

All and all I would say we did like the program and have made some changes to out diet based on this book.We did not have a lot of weight to lose, but both my husband and myself did lose 20 pound and 7 pounds respectively.Neither of us lost 7 pounds in 7 days- I lost the 7 pounds over 2 months.We also feel that our sinus issues improved by at least 50% while on this diet.We did not have any strong reactions to any one of the food groups when reintroducing them to our diet.But we both agreed that something in our diet seemed to be related to our sinus congestion and drainage.

We also did buy her protein powder, which you do not have to do —but it makes following the diet easier and we both liked the taste in our smoothies.The protein powder is expensive compared to the whey protein I have used in the past.But since dairy is eliminated our whey protein was not an option.

Have not seen this book at my local Whole Foods, which I was surprised about since many of the recipes and recommendations require the purchase of organic foods and items such as chia and flax that are not carried in many regular grocery stores.

I did not purchase this book.I get many of the books I read from my local library.There was a waiting list and it took several weeks to receive the book from the time I reserved it.



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