Cat's Cradle [ePub]

by Shannon Donnelly

Emaline Adair Pearson is a widow with two young children, and finds herself in a pickle when her cousin looses the family estate during a game of chance to Sir Ashten (Ash) Ravenhill. Ash comes to the manor with the intention of fixing up the the place and selling it, but he's soon victim to Emaline's charms, as well as those of her cat Bea and the new litter of kittens.

Full disclosure, I have yet to find a Regency romance that I do enjoy. I keep trying, but I'm beginning to doubt one will ever grab me - so there was already a notch against this book going in. That said, I did find the cats rather cute, without being overly cute (if that makes sense). I did find it refreshing that despite being a "harden (sic) gamester", he really wasn't one of those depraved, drunken rakes that are so prevalent in today's Regencies, so the book gets an extra star for that. It was also refreshing that Emaline wasn't one of those fall into his arms/bed/have hot sex in his carriage at the first heated glance from said rake. Still, the prose wasn't enough to pull this out of a lower rating, as well as some typos that should have been easily spotted and corrected by an editor. You be the judge,

"He was not a man who helped anyone—other than himself, thank you very much. And he had a hard enough time doing just that."

"He was thinking about that as he opened the door to the library and found himself no longer along."


"The heat from his body washed over her as if she had just opened a door to Hades. His eyes hardened to green agates, and his jaw firmed into a daunting set. All she could think as her heart pounded was an inadequate Oh my!"

"Well, I am a knight, after all. It seemed a good day to rescue fair kittens in distress."

OK, that was kind of cute.

If you find it free, have an hour or two to kill with some lighter reading and love the kittehs, I'd say go for it.



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