The Opening Line [ePub]

by Karl Wiggins

You know, this book is only 11,000 words, so I'm loathe to call it a book at all, even if some writers publish 'books' of just 4000 words or less, but I truly believe that all writers (and most readers for that matter) should read this piece, and you can impart all essential information in just a few short words, then why drag it out?

I’m absolutely convinced that The Opening Line of a book or short story (or song or newspaper article or business report or whatever) is possibly the most important line….. and thus the hardest to write.

So I’ve researched the Opening Lines of almost 200 books, finishing with the classics. Some are pure poetry, drawing the reader in, enticing him to read the next line and to keep turning the page. Others are absolutely terrible and appear to be nothing more than a cop-out.

Anyone charging good money for 11,000 words may well be ripping people off, but just take a look at the price above, it's less than a quid!

What do you have to lose?



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