Murders in Whitechapel (Hector Kingsley #2) [ePub]

by Kindal Debenham

Hector Kingsley must face an impossible task.
The events of his previous investigations have left Hector with a deadly enemy. His nemesis is powerful, connected, and able to frustrate every attempt to bring him to justice. Even worse, his ultimate goal remains to be seen; all Hector can be sure of is that he faces a criminal mastermind who is more than willing to kill anyone who stands in his way.
At the same time, a serial killer branded the Dollmaker is terrorizing London. His victims vanish, never to be seen again, with only a small, mutilated figurine left in their place. Patricia, drawn to the hunt, asks for Hector’s help, and he has no choice but to agree. He quickly finds himself battling for both her life and his own against crime lords and murderers, and very quickly finds himself in a race to catch a killer—one he may be too late to stop.



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