Roguish Hearts [ePub]

by Nikki Soarde

One wrong keystroke in one simple email was all it took to bring JD Devine and Jill Hawkins together. But the friendship that followed was anything but simple. Two years of laughter and tears, arguments and secrets, has brought them closer and resulted in a stronger bond than many married couples share. And yet they've never made love. On their two-year anniversary, everything changes. Upon Jill's arrival home after their celebration dinner, a man attacks and tries to abduct her. JD rescues her and whisks her to safety, but the reality of almost losing Jill forces JD to face his true feelings and unleashes a passion that startles them both. It also forces JD to spill his secrets. Determined to avenge his wife's murder and bring to justice the corrupt corporation and the woman responsible, JD infiltrated the organization and has been accumulating evidence against them. But now with his identity revealed and a killer on their tails, all bets are off. JD and Jill join forces, blazing a trail of passion and healing old wounds, even as they fight for their lives and seek to complete JD's quest for justice. Reader Advisory: Story contains male/male sex scene.



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