The Baby-Sitters Remember (The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special, #11) [ePub]

by Ann M. Martin

The Baby-Sitters Club were an enormous part of my childhood.Looking back, I can pretty much divide my childhood loves into the following categories: American Girl, Grease, Disney, dolls and the good 'ol BSC.For some elusive reason unknown to me, these books were my absolute obsession.I own and have read every single book in the original series, plus all the Portraits and Super Specials.

I really just loved the characters and their friendship.I had next to no interest in baby-sitting (I've never actually baby-sat in my entire life!).I loved the girls in the club.Like so many others, they felt like my friends and I loved returning to them over and over again and having fun with them.This series is so very special to me.It mattered to me and got me through some hard times.

The fifteen Super Special books were my absolute favorites.They were double the length and told from multiple perspectives.They always had to do with something big—a trip or an important event in the lives of the girls.Every one of them was a true joy for me to read at ages 8-9-10 and I still look back on them with a smile.

This one (#11- "The Baby-Sitters Remember") is a little bit different than the others.They don't go on a trip.No one gets married or stars in a play or gets in a helicopter crash.The members of the BSC have a sleepover and they share memories they have from the past few years.Each girl gets a chapter and a story.This one was always one of my very, very favorites and looking back I think it pretty much summarizes what it was that was so special about this series in the first place.

Ann M. Martin crafted such great characters and their friendships are just a joy to read about.I've noticed such a disturbing trend over the last few years in YA and middle-grade fiction.Girls are pitted against each other.There are "good" girls and "bad" girls an they are always going to fight over boys and the "correct" way to be a girl.The BSC is a beautiful subversion of this.They are *entirely* about a group of girls who love each other and have deep, lasting friendships.Boys play a part but even Logan exists in the background.

We are here for Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, Mary Anne, Dawn, Mallory, Jessi, (and Abby, but she isn't here yet).They are all different girls with different interests.A young girl can relate to one or two or all of them.There is no "correct" way to be a girl."The Baby-Sitters Remember" is an excellent example of what made the BSC so special.It's warm and nostalgic and fun to read.

I still feel so much love for this series.I may be nearly 27 years old, but the BSC will always be in my heart.



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