Beowulf [ePub]

by James Mercer Garnett

CONTENTS. PAGE PREFACE xi PREFACE TO SECOND EDITION xv INTRODUCTION xvii GLOSSARY OF PROPER NAMES xxxvii LIST OF OLD-ENGLISH WORDS . xlv BEOWULF AND GRENDEL. Scyld and his descendants. Hrothgar and the building of Heorot. The coming of Grendel and his evil deeds. I. Hrothgars great sorrow 1 The arrival of Beowulf. His talk with the warden. His n. reception by Hrothgar. He makes known his errand . 6 m. Hunferths taunt. The swimming-match with Breca. Joy in Heorot 16 IV. Beowulf and his men occupy Heorot. The coming of Grendel. The mighty contest. Beowulfs victory . . 21 V. Joy of the Danes. The minstrels song of Sigemund and Fitela of Heremod. Hrothgars thanks to Beowulf . 26 VI. Feasting and presents In Heorot. The minstrels song of Finn, Hnaef, and Hengest. Wealhtheows greeting to Beowulf. All retire to rest 31 VII. The coming of Grendels mother. Sorrow Is renewed. Hrothgar describes the mere. Beowulfs decision. His descent into the mere. The fight with Grendels mother. Beowulfs return, bearing Grendels head . . 39 x CONTENTS. vra. Beowulfs account of the fight. Hrothgars moralizing speech. On the morrow Beowulf bids farewell to Hrothgar, receives presents, and returns to his ship . 50 rx. Beowulfs arrival athome and welcome by Hygelac. The episode of Ofia and Thrytho. Beowulfs account of his journey. Freaware and Ingeld. Presents of Beowulf and Hygelac BEOWULF AND THE DRAGON. Beowulf Is king. The dragons hoard robbed. The fiery vengeance of the dragon X. XI. Beowulf prepares for the contest. The deaths of Hygelac and of Heardred recalled. Beowulfs reminiscences. The death of Herebeald and Hrethels sorrow. Beo- wulfs slaying of Daeghrefh. Beowulf seeks the dragon alone. The fieryflght. Wiglaf goes to his help. The wounding ofBeowulf. The death ofthe dragon. Wiglaf brings out the treasure. Beowulfs death.... 71 XII. Wiglafrebukes the thanes. Speechofthe messenger. The death of Haethcyn, pursuit of Hygelac, and death of NOTES, Ongentheow. The warriors arrive. Wiglaf s speech. They enter the cave. The funeral-pyre. Beowulfs mound 86 THE FIGHT AT FTNNSBURG. 58 67 99 PKEFACE. DURING the session of 1878-79, while reading Beo- wulf with a post-graduate class at St. Johns College, Annapolis, Md., I made a line-for-line translation of the poem for my own use. In reading the poem I used Greins text of his separate edition 1867, and care- fully collated with it the editions of Kemble 1835, Thorpe 1855, Arnold 1876, and Heyne 3d ed., 1873, which last was in the hands of the class...



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