Promoting Adherence to Medical Treatment in Chronic Childhood Illness [ePub]

by Dennis Drotar

Based on a conference that assembled experts in the field of pediatric compliance in chronic illness, this book presents the latest data and conceptual models of adherence to treatment and recommendations for new directions in the field. Interdisciplinary in approach, the contributors represent a broad array of disciplines, including anthropology, pediatrics, psychology, and sociology.
Designed to address critical gaps in the understanding of adherence/compliance to treatment regiments for children with chronic health conditions, this book reviews:
*conceptual models used to define adherence treatment and conduct research;
*the influences on treatment adherence to chronic illness in children;
*the impact of adherence to treatment on children's health and psychological development;
*strategies of interventions to promote adherence and reduce noncompliance rates;
*methodological and measurement problems in the assessment of treatment adherence; and
*recommended research priorities for the measurement of adherence and applications of interventions and training in the treatment of pediatric chronic illness.



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