M Is for Mountie [ePub]

by Polly Horvath

From the pageantry of the Musical Ride to the movie-star good looks of the fictional Dudley Do-Right, the image of the handsome and stalwart Mountie has long been a part of popular North American culture. But there's much more to being a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police than wearing a red coat. It's an important career in law enforcement and public service. In M is for Mountie: An RCMP Alphabet, award-winning author Polly Horvath explains the proud traditions and important work of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Where do cadets go for training? Who is William Dempster and why is there a highway named after him? And what is the reason for the red coat? After reading M is for Mountie, readers will have a better understanding of and appreciation for the history, heritage, and ongoing mission of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police organization.



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