Getting Used to Harry [ePub]

by Cari Best

I don't know about this book although I do see what Cari Best was trying to do. We took this book out from the library last week even though, just from the title, I was sure this wouldn't be applying to our family. That's not a criteria for our picking books so we took it along with us.
The little girl in the story calls her Mother "Inky" and this I don't get. As far as I know most children don't call their parent(s) by their first names/nicknames. This didn't sit well with me because I believe a child should call their parent by "Mom", "Mommy", "Mama" or some such. But, we kept reading.....
The story starts with "Inky's" (where exactly did this come from anyway? Her black hair? What a gross nickname - no offense to any of you Inky's out there.) and Harry's wedding. The kid, not sure if her name was given, was not real happy but had a few okay moments and then finds that "love is the pits" when her "Inky" goes away on her honeymoon. After they return of course, the kid realizes that her home is now Harry's home and he won't be leaving any longer. At the same time she's dealing with less "me-time" with her "Inky". (This is still ackward for me, even after typing it how many times....)
To make a long story short, Harry takes the kid out for a walk late at night alone with some marbles and proceeds to win her over. How many of you could have guessed that one?
In conclusion, said kid finds that actually, "love is the berries!" which, frankly, is a term just as creepy as having a nickname like "Inky".
I'm giving it two stars because it had words and - most of them - made at least a little bit of sense and Julia did finish it without hurling on me.



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