So 5 Minutes Ago [ePub]

by Hilary De Vries

I am cheering because I am done with this awful book.Why o why can't I put down bad books?I knew it would be bad as early as the opening paragraphs when the main character's whole day was ruined by the horror, the drama of being woken up by the sound of water sprinklers. Are you kidding?It set the tone and virtually any inane detail was enough for the author to attempt to create a drama filled day.And if she described the main character putting her hair in a ponytail with a pencil one more time, I was going to scream. What? Did the author need to meet a page quota so went back and insert a pony tail sentence 100 times? Maybe she could have at least had the pencil play into the plot?Like the stupid red chopstick.I feel the same about the character's use of the f word. I can't decide if it fit the character and it seemed inserted randomly throughout her comments.

Synopsis: Jaded thirty something Hollywood publicist becomes immersed in corporate hijinks after the agency she works for merges with another agency.She doesn't know who to trust except her wealthy gay male assistant, Stephen.



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