How (Not) to Play With Magic (Not) to Play With Magic (Cindy Eller, 0.5) [ePub]

by Elizabeth A. Reeves

Was originally posted on Paranormal Sisters:

How (Not) to Play with Magic is the perfect taste of the Cindy Eller world Mrs. Reeves has created. In just a few pages you get to see the adventurous life Cindy lives and sometimes the most fun is caused by trouble.

In the middle of the night her twin half-sister's pop into her apartment she shares with two mortal women, her friends, and as her sisters drag her into their latest disaster Cindy tries so badly to hide it from her roommates. To her surprise, later on, she's not doing a very good job after all haha.

Overall, this was a fun short that completely hooked me! Got me craving for How (Not) to Kiss a Toad and for Cindy's other bakery creations. I've got such a major sweet tooth and when a book centers around the subject of desserts I can't help but get drawn into it. Witchy adventures is just the cherry on the top! Cindy is spunky and doesn't mind speaking her mind and I can't wait to read more about her. With her curse I so badly hope she'll be able to break it because I'm such a hopeless romantic and not being able to be in love in fear of turning the guy into a toad is heart breaking! How (Not) to Kiss a Toad is definitely going on my wish list! And the ending of this one was absolutely brilliant! Had me laughing haha.



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