Recovering a Sense of the Sacred [ePub]

by Carolyn W. Toben

This is a touching story of the friendship between Carolyn Toben, an educator and social/spiritual leader and Thomas Berry, one of the great philosophers of our times. Over a ten year period Carolyn met with Thomas from time to time, fortunately for us taking notes about their conversations because she realized the wonderful and important gift she was receiving. Now, with this book she is passing on this gift to all of us, all of the humans who are facing the most urgent crisis in our entire billions of years of evolution here on Earth. From his wise talks she learned to see the context of the dilemma we are in and how we can deal with it as individuals in ways that are meaningful, which she eloquently describes for us. Science by itself is not enough anymore; we also need to honor the spirituality and the mystery of all things. By seeing everything as subjects that are sacred not objects to be dissected, evaluated, and then thrown away.

I like this book because it gives me hope that even though we are in a grave crisis, this is part of a plan for our advancement. If we as a species, can change to meet this challenge we will be living in a much better world in the end, as will all the other life forms that are sharing this planet with us. I can see through these conversations that there really is a down to earth practical solution which is based on a personal connection with Nature.

One of Carolyn's goals for this book is to inspire readers to explore Thomas Berry's books and writings which she has definitely succeeded in doing. I recommend this book to everyone alive today. What could be more important than the future of our planet?



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