Interior Space [ePub]

by Stuart Miller

A radical approach to interior design, "Interior Space" presents a new and valuable technique for the design of home environments. Written by a psychologist/designer team, this book introduces environmental psychology as an important design resource and as an essential element in the conceptual process. It serves as a source of new information and as a significant reference book for the novice as well as the designer and the environmental psychologists already involved with the applications of environmental psychology. The authors identify 9 psychological needs, describing them in depth and offering examples of their operation in the home environment. Assessment techniques for determining dominant needs are offered to the professional and methods of translating unique need profiles into workable designs are presented throughout the book.

This is a book that a psychologist can recommend to design professionals or to students concerned with interior spaces. It is clear, well written, well organized, and consistent in approach and emphasis. "Interior Space" will also serve as a valuable book for social scientists interested in the relationship between design and human behavior.



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