Canvases and Careers Today [ePub]

by Daniel Birnbaum

Canvases and Careers Today brings together contributions that relate to the same conference organized by the Institut fur Kunstkritik, Frankfurt am Main. Its goal is to provide deeper insights and more complexity to current debates on the relationship between criticism, art, and the market. 'It was especially interesting for us to watch a kind of transatlantic divide happening. While the US-American participants mostly declared criticism as obsolete while hoping for turning its weakness into a strength, most European participants departed from the opposite diagnosis: that criticism
has never been as strong as it is today, since it is now part of a knowledge-based economy,' as expressed by the editors. It s another important dialog between art and commerce and the old and new world. Contributions by George Baker, Johanna Burton, Merlin Carpenter, Melanie Gilligan, Tom Holert, Branden W. Joseph, John Kelsey, Andr�© Rottmann, Julia Voss, with an artistic contribution by Michael Krebber.



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