Out of the Ashes [ePub]

by Olivia Duncan Craig

Young Noah hadn't any idea how quickly his world could turn upside down.One minute, he was living, happy and secure, with a doting father and grandmother to look after him.The next, his father is dead, his grandmother is confined to her sickbed, and the only other family he has left is his new stepmother and her two children.

Taken far from his home, worked hard and hidden away from the world, Noah hasn't much to look forward to, growing up.Until one day, Matthew, a handsome neighbor, comes riding up to him like a knight on his charger.

It's love at first sight, at least as far as Noah is concerned.

Now all Noah has to do is make his Prince Charming aware he exists, triumph over his evil stepmother, and claim the love he so richly deserves.He may not have a fairy godmother helping him, but magic can come in many forms.The only question is—will it be enough to give Noah his happily ever after?



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