Locke and Key [ePub]

by Joe Hill

picture if you will a sick child. the child is brave, the child is loved. the child longs for adventures his frail little body will never allow him. the child will die in agony. picture if you will a father. if you were the father to such a child, what would you do? you are a father who has done things, who can do things, magic things. and yet there is no magic cure. but perhaps you can do something yet: create a fantasia, create a perfect childworld. bring back ghosts from the past. take your child backstage of the world's theatre and show him that there is wonder there too. take your precious child to the moon, and beyond!

Hill constructs a sweet and ever so sad fable - a paean to what can never be and what may still be, in dreams, in a father's hopes and fears for his child, in places a child may go but will never return. Rodriguez matches him with art that is by turns winsome, grounded, and just a little bit phantasmagorical.

good stuff!

this review is a part of a longer article collecting all of my reviews of the Locke & Key series so far, posted on
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