Mac Backup, Maintenance and Troubleshooting for Former Windows Users (Tech 101 Kindle Book Series) [ePub]

by Todd Stauffer

A proactive approach to backing up your Macintosh is the first step in keeping your data safe and ensuring your computer’s optimal operational readiness, according to Todd Stauffer, author of "Mac Backup, Maintenance and Troubleshooting for Windows Refugees.” Attention to updates and cleanup of file errors, he notes, is also of critical importance. Stauffer not only breaks those procedures down into easily digestible instructions, but he explains why they are necessary and provides a look at the range of tools available to accomplish each of the tasks he discusses. His crisp, concise narrative is amply illustrated with screenshots of his own executions of the processes described.

Excerpt from Book:

“So, Macs are reliable … But that reliability doesn’t mean a Mac can’t run into trouble. Macs and Windows-based PCs are essentially the same complex systems. Applications still crash, internal drives can fail, and files can be lost or become corrupt.

So you need a plan, both to keep your Mac in top shape and to guard against losing your files if they’re important to you.

It starts with being proactive and regularly backing up your computer so that any data loss isn’t too traumatic. Next, you’ll want to perform some occasional tasks to make sure your Mac is running the latest OS updates and that any small file errors are cleaned up.

Finally, if you do run into trouble, there are some steps you can take to recover from it and get up and running again.”


Why Back Up?
Approaches to Backup
Maintaining Your Mac


1. Using Time Machine
2. Third-Party Backup Solutions
3. Understanding Updates
4. Managing Memory & Disk Space
5. Repairing Files & Permissions
6. What To Troubleshoot on Your Own
7. Understanding System Files & Folders
8. System Errors & Logs
9. Troubleshooting Applications
10. Disk & File Recovery

About the Author

Todd Stauffer is the author or co-author of more than three dozen books on computing and the Internet; an award-winning magazine writer; and a former television and radio host.

Todd is the founding author of the “How to Do Everything … ” series by McGraw-Hill, which began with his book “How to Do Everything with Your iMac.” His most recent book is “How to Do Everything with Your Web 2.0 Blog.” More than half a million copies of books by Stauffer have been sold, including editions in Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Czech and Russian.

Stauffer is also the co-founder and publisher of the Jackson Free Press, an award-winning newsweekly (and daily website) in Jackson, Mississippi. He lives in Jackson with journalist Donna Ladd and a few too many cats.
He can be reached online at his blog, iTodd Central, at and at



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