Disaggregation [ePub]

by Larry P. Ritzman

This volume is intended to expand the dialogue and interest among both practitioners and academicians in a problem area worthy of attention by all. The concept of disaggregation admits to our current inability to solve many types of interrelated hierarchical problems simultaneously. It offers instead a sequential, iterative process as a workable and necessary procedure. The papers in this volume are selected from those presented at a Disaggregation Conference held in March, 1977 at The Ohio State University. We heartily applaud all those who participated in the conference and particularly appreci ate the cooperation of those authors whose work is published in this collection. Part A contains four papers which define the various dimensions of disaggregation. The paper by Martin Starr, which was the text of his luncheon address at the conference, provides several interesting perspectives to the problem. Although disaggregation suggests tear ing apart, as Professor Starr illustrates with his butterfly example, it also suggests a putting together or a synthesis which recognizes interrelationships and dependencies. The next paper by Lee Kra jewski and Larry Ritzman offers a general model of disaggregation for both the manufacturing and service sectors. After reading the papers in this section, as well as the papers in subsequent sections, you will identify other dimensions to hierarchical decision making which go beyond this generalized model."



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