Die Iranischen Und Iranier-Namen in Den Schriften Xenophons [ePub]

by Rudiger Schmitt

This second volume of the series "Iranica Graeca Vetustiora" (the first of which has discussed the names of Iranians occuring in Aeschylos and was published in 1978) is a further preliminary work to the overall treatment of the Iranian personal names attested in classical Greek literature, which is being prepared for the "Iranisches Personennamenbuch" of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The present study deals with the 79 names of Iranians or of Iranian origin attested in the writings of Xenophon (esp. in "Anabasis" and "Cyrupaedia"). Its main topic is the onomastic discussion of these names in the Iranian scholar's view without problems of the sources or of the prosopography of the individual persons and such things being left aside. There are discussed all data relevant for establishing the Old Iranian original form and for its etymological interpretation. \n\nFor this the wealth of the onomastic evidence in the Old and Middle Iranian languages as well as in the other sources of the so-called collateral tradition is taken into account and is included in the discussion of Xenophon's forms after critical examination. The presentation of the material is subdivided into two major categories: First those names are treated, which are attested already before Xenophon, then those, for which the first reference is found in Xenophon. For the further differentiation of this second category the fact is decisive, whether the Old Iranian original form can be recognized with certainty (if it is not attested at all) or a reliable clue for it is completely missing. Detailed indexes make the onomastic material discussed here accessible to the reader.



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