EFT for Sports Performance [ePub]

by Dawson Church

Turbocharge your sports performance with EFT! EFT has been used by thousands of athletes to improve their performance, from Olympic stars to Little League baseball players. Scientific studies have demonstrated that athletes can achieve enormous performance gains after just a few minutes of EFT. In this authoritative book, three-time US national champion rhythmic gymnast Jessica Howard shows how to eliminate the limiting beliefs that hold you back, control the anxiety that distracts your attention from high performance, and build a strong new self-image of yourself as an athlete of the highest caliber. It is packed with stories of real-life people who've used EFT to improve their games, and dozens of tips for adjusting your performance to bring out your highest potential. It is based on Clinical EFT, the only version of EFT to be validated in dozens of scientific studies. If you've been looking for a small investment of time that can pay huge dividends in your performance, Clinical EFT is it. Try it, and you'll be amazed at how quickly it can transform your performance.



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