Ancient Greek Myths & Legends [ePub]

by Philip Ardagh

This book was a thorough introduction to Greek myths and legends. It is perfect for the elementary reader because the stories left out a lot of the gory details while still being descriptive and adventurous. Ancient Greek Myths and Legends, by Philip Ardagh, is a compilation of the most well-known Greek myths and legends. At the beginning of the book there is an introductory section that gives the reader the definitions of myth and legend as well as background information on the Greeks and their many gods. What a smart addition to the book for those readers who are unfamiliar with these kind of stories. The book was boldly and richly illustrated in the Greek style by Virginia Gray. The illustrations were helpful in creating a picture of what the ferocious beasts and Greek heroes may have looked like. I read the legend of Midas and His Golden Touch about the greedy king who was granted his wish of wanting everything he touched to turn into gold. This wish backfired on King Midas and in the end he realized what was really important to him. My 9 year old son absconded with the book after we read a few short stories together and finished the entire book in 24 hours! This book opened his eyes to a new genre waiting to be explored. Ancient Greek Myths and Legends is a book I plan to have on my classroom shelf for students to borrow.



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