Shiloh Takes On the Strangers [ePub]

by Kathi Peters

Shiloh doesn’t really want to work on her night off, but with another waitress calling in sick, she can’t leave the Bistro employees to try to face a busy Friday night without her.Besides, she definitely needs the money.So, she heads in dutifully and prepares for business.Of course, she never expected the kind of business she’s about to get!Two sexy strangers are there for dinner, but they want Shiloh for dessert, and the scorching double team sex that follows comes complete with double penetration!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during an mmf threesome sex encounter.It includes stranger sex, rough sex, double team sex, public sex, anal sex, and double penetration.It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

Shiloh could not believe that she had just told those guys that. But they were too good not to try. She walked over to her boss, Nick and told him she was going to take a full hour lunch break off the clock as soon as her last table left. Nick agreed and told her to take a little bit more if she needed it, and Shiloh thanked him and went back onto the dining room floor. The guys were waiting for the check with smiles on their face and hard cocks in their pants. One of the guys handed his credit card over to Shiloh and she made her way to waitress station. Sandra looked at Shiloh and asked “What the fuck did you do to those guys? I have never seen anyone so happy to pay a bill, and holy fucking shit!!!!! Did you see the amount they left you for a fucking tip? It is twice the amount of the bill!” Shiloh laughed and just shrugged her shoulders.
“Hey I am going to take a full hour lunch break. Nick said it was fine. All my tables have been paid up and are about to leave, so I am going to clock out now. If I get a table, seat them in someone else’s section okay?” and she walked out the back door.
The men were waiting for her, like good little boys. She walked right up to them both, and kissed one and started rubbing the other man’s cock. She moaned at what she was feeling. His cock was huge and rock hard. She then grabbed the cock of the guy she was kissing and his was just has big. Oh this was going to be just what the doctor ordered.



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