Gardening and Landscaping the Natural Way [ePub]

by James Carr

"Gardening and Landscaping the Natural Way" is the first complete description of Jim Carr's new approach to growing plants. He demonstrates what it is, why it gets better results with less expenditure of time and money, and how to practice it successfully while having more fun. "By eliminating the needless and unpleasant work that we would rather not do, we have more time for the enjoyable activities that attracted us to spending time with plants in the first place," explains Jim. "When we work with Mother Nature, she does most of the work." Jim takes you to natural environments where you learn Mother Nature's secrets for creating beautiful landscapes full of healthy plants. "Mother Nature is trying to show us how. All we have to do is pay attention," says Jim as he thoroughly translates these secrets into simple techniques that allow you to: use this method for any plant, garden or landscape, be reassured of superior results, have the confidence that you have all of the information you need to succeed, live a more natural lifestyle.

But beyond the practical, Jim inspires you to go right out and apply these techniques by showing you why making your plants part of nature's realm is a spiritual activity.



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