Today Matters [ePub]

by John C. Maxwell

I can't stand the feeling of one day blurring into another, of weeks where you just don't feel anything had changed or improved. As I age I'm becoming more aware of my limited time - if I died tomorrow, would I look back on what I've done in the last ten years and say "Yep - that sure was worth the effort?" Or would I wonder why I spent so much time worrying about unimportant things, wasting energy on unimportant things, and not doing the stuff that I really cared about?

This is probably the best book I've ever read on building up a set of practices that will allow you to do your best life's work - make every day worth getting up for. What I love most is how practical Maxwell is - he provides activities and processes to go through for each aspect of building a solid foundation for your life. He also provides wonderful examples of people who have (or haven't) lived their lives in accordance with their principles.

This book to me has come at just the right time to really push me through the process of moving from just knowing to doing. Also, even though I thought I wasn't looking for a quick fix, as I looked at Maxwels's examples I realise I have been - I might not have consciously thought it, but I've been trying to find The One Solution that I can follow that will then bring me all the health, wealth and happiness I need. This book is very clear, though, that all success, all good relationships, are not due to some magical quick fix. They're due to decisions made every day, and repeated every day, that take you further or closer to your ideal. And it is the tiny, daily choices we make that make the difference - not a one off event propelling us into greatness.

Or think of it this way - you may have a golden opportunity arrive - for love, work, fame etc - but if you have not spent your life practicing for that moment - by becoming an interesting lovable person, by choosing to improve in your craft every day - then you may be unable to seize that opportunity.

Maxwell breaks these concepts down in a way that just really hit home in a way some of these messages haven't before. I've dog-eared this book more than anything else I've read in years and I'll be coming back to it often.



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