Run Faster Race Better [ePub]

by Stephanie Atwood

IMPROVE Your Running! Run FASTER! Race BETTER!

"Missed it free by two days. Purchased it and thought it was great!" - Andrea A

Novice runners and experienced racers will all benefit from track workouts written by the Coach of the 2013 BEST Running Club in the Bay Area! The simple, but effective workouts, take you through the entire realm of interval training, from the basic, beginning workouts to increased intensity and longer distances with more repetitions for more experienced runners.
"Coach Stephanie has all the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals!" - Holly H "You'll never get bored!" -Teresha F "Stephanie Atwood is an amazing coach. She is inspiring, knowledgeable and a rad lady!" - Ella W With more than thirty years experience award winning Coach and Runner Stephanie Atwood is an expert in the field and knows how to get results.
You can be a faster runner too! Coach Stephanie has led hundreds of runners to faster race times from 5K to Marathons.Do these workouts and you WILL GET FASTER! Coach Stephanie is an award winning runner, in her age division, from California to Florida. Speed workouts are key to success. Use these tried and true methods to become a better runner yourself! Coach Stephanie applies her methods and workouts, on a daily basis, to a variety of runners, even run walkers; some just like you. What are you waiting for? Faster times and more running satisfaction await...

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