Let's Make Beer! [ePub]

by K.B. Stevens

You are going to love brewing your own beer! Why? Because it's easy, it's fun, it cost half the price of store bought beer, and it gives you a tremendous sense of pride to be able to craft a delicious batch of beer from scratch. Beer is super easy to make. As a matter of fact it's practically in your DNA because humans have been successfully making beer for thousands of years, without sophisticated equipment or fancy words like: adjunct, lauter, attenuation, or sparge.
I am going to walk you through the process step by step with lots of pictures, give you some practical advice, recipes, and a bit of troubleshooting for when things don't turn out as planned.
This book is akin to those quick start guides you get with electronics; I'm going to focus on getting you up to speed and brewing beer quickly. There are thick books written on every one of the following topics, but I'm going to glide over all of them so that we can rapidly get to the good part...brewing beer!



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