The werepires Book 13 [ePub]

by R. Harding

The three werewolves are able to get their necklace off of their necks as soon as the competition ended. They viciously attack the werepires killing many of them. There are now only two werewolves that are now alive. Willie struggles as to what he should do with them. Should they be used for Jon’s experiments or tried to change into a werepire. He was not even sure that a werewolf could even be changed into a werepires or not. None of the others knew either. Willie wondered who would be willing to take on that task and take care of them if they are able to change. The werepires are very angry at them for killing their loved ones.
Jerry has a recurring dream of the pack being destroyed. He goes to Gudada to ask him what the dream means. Find out what really happens.
This is quite an exciting episode you’ll not want to miss.



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