The Shadow Hero #1 [ePub]

by Gene Luen Yang

Oh, um, wow.Completely NOT as advertised.First, read the description of the story on the back of the book (you know, the reason you bought the book in the first place), then read the book.And now compare the two — they don't match, do they?That's a problem.

If the publisher wanted to use a little truth in advertising and say that this was a stereotypical story of an overbearing Asian wife who browbeats her husband, please do.If you want to say that this is a family friendly book in which comedy relies on women drivers smashing into a fruit cart, be my guest.BUT don't fucking lie to me, asshole.I'm the graphic novel consumer you don't want to piss off if you want to sell books next month, next year...

I cannot recommend this book to either traditional comic fans, fans of alternative graphic novels, or even to the young adult market.I don't know who the hell this was made for, but it wasn't made for me.



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