Hobson's Choice [ePub]

by Harold Brighouse

Hobson's Choice is a play by Harold Brighouse, the title coming from the popular expression, Hobson's choice - meaning no choice at all. The first production was at the Princess Theatre in New York. It then transferred to London on June 24, 1916 at the Apollo Theatre, before moving to the Prince of Wales Theatre on 20 November 1916 (starring Norman McKinnel). The play was adapted for film several times and as a Broadway musical. The Crucible Theatre Sheffield staged a revival in June 2011 directed by Christopher Luscombe and starring Barrie Rutter, Zoe Waites and Philip McGinley. The story is set in Salford in 1880. It bears many resemblances to the stories of Cinderella and King Lear: Deceased mother; three daughters, two of whom are pretty and frivolous, the third of whom is smart and hardworking; a fairy godmother (Mrs. Hepworth) The play became a very successful film (1954).



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