The Armageddon Bug [ePub]

by William Molloy

This is a story of one mans life. A life that he planned from childhood. A life he would control. A perfect life.
It’s also a story of mystery, betrayal, romance, intrigue, fiery crashes, high speed action and unwavering heroism.

Phillip Waldo was gifted. Not by movie star looks or privileged beginnings. No. Phillips gift was an extremely high intelligence. He realized, through a life and death experience, when he was just nine years old, that he would have to take control of his life and use his intellect to mold it into what he considered, perfect.
He had a great job making six figures. He had a loving wife and two beautiful daughters— all enjoying country living in the pastoral- small upstate New York Village of Willow Falls.
He had total control and life was good, until one day.

Phillip worked, as their senior scientist, for AgriDyne Industries, one of the largest and most successful Biologic and Genetic research companies in the world. AgriDyne produced most of the world’s patents and procedures to improve the world’s food supply.

Much of Phillips work was funded by the government and one day Phillips computer screen “flickered.” Unbeknownst to Phillip, his work was being “hacked” by a secret arm of the military that had changed his good work into a biological-weapon. And, as happens when humans are involved, a mistake was made.
The “weaponized” formulae was allowed to leak into his home towns water supply and Phillips perfect world was shattered, his dream existence destroyed, his perfect family was infected.

As with some that possess genius levels of intelligence there is a fine line between
rationality and madness and Phillip Waldo has lost all belief in rationality. He now only believes in vengeance.
Using his genius, Phillip decides to fight fire with fire and creates a lethal virus, “The Armageddon Bug,” that has the power to kill all human life on the earth. He has the only antidote. And he is going to use it!
Sally Ludwin, newly graduated from college and hired by New York State as a biologist and her former lover, Bill Jankowski , the director of the Center For Disease Control, team up to find Phillip and the only antidote for Phillips bug.
The chase begins and takes them to their final explosive-confrontation with Phillip Waldo.

But! He doesn’t have the antidote!

An electrifying page turner with a mix of science and suspense. Find out who the ultimate hero is.



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