Operator #5 (#4, July 1934) [ePub]

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Will Murray's Pulp Classics
Operator #5 eBook
#4 July 1934

Total Pulp Experience. These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook and features every story, every editorial, and every column of the original pulp magazine. As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction especially for this series of eBooks.

Jimmy Christopher, clean-cut, square-jawed and clear-eyed, was the star of the most audacious pulp magazines ever conceived — Operator #5. Savage would-be conquerors, creepy cults, weird weather-controllers and famine-creating menaces to our mid-western breadbasket... these were but a few of the fiendish horrors that Jimmy Christopher was forced to confront. Operator #5 returns in vintage pulp tales, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format.

Table of Contents:

by Will Murray

Thrilling Feature-Length Novel of America’s Undercover Ace
The Melting Death
by Fredrick C. Davis writing as Curtis Steele
America found herself suddenly stripped of her strongest defenses when the newest battleships, towering sky-scrapers, humming factories crumbled to dust before a million horrified eyes. What dread force was sending that cruel mystery-flame to destroy men, women and children, as well, in its hot, voracious maw? Can Operator 5, alone, save America from the red ruin loosed upon it?

Killer’s Promise — A Pop Stevens Story
by Arthur Leo Zagat
Pop Stevens steps into a trap baited with a bullet-torn body.

Murder While You Wait — An Inspector Felton Story
by Emile C. Tepperman
Inspector Felton sets grimly out — to get a murderer’s skin!

The Secret Sentinel — A Department
An announcement of special importance to friends of Operator 5.

Will Murray’s Pulp Classics line of eBooks are of the highest quality and feature the great Pulp Fiction stories of the 1930s-1950s.



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