The Complete Nutrition Workbook for Dogs [ePub]

by Alan H. Anderson

The formulation of Rawproconcepts(R) is a result of years of research and experience feeding both commercial and homemade raw diets to AKC Champion Show Dogs. Perfectly matched and balanced for the homemade raw diet programs endorsed by Rawproconcepts(R), it is the most balanced and nutritionally correct supplement on the market today for both the homemade raw diet and the commercial dog food diet. Rawproconcepts(R) follows the years of research provided by the National Institute of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Pet Food Institute, published in the book, Nutrient Requirements Of Dogs And Cats, 2006, by the National Research Council (NRC) Of The National Academies, who are advisors to the Nation on Science, Engineering, and Medicine. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) recognizes the NRC as an authority on dog nutrition. The raw diet programs presented are for all dog breeds to include: puppies, adult dogs, gestating bitches, and lactating bitches. Rawproconcepts(R)has been specially formulated for all adult dog life stages, with a special formulation available for puppies. Formulating the supplement required targeting the needs of all factors affecting homeostasis, as well as the Recommended Allowance (RA) in accordance with the NRC guidelines. Through years of applications of linear programming concepts and application of the concepts through personal feeding trials with our own Rhodesian Ridgeback show-dogs, the exact nutrient/supplement formulation was achieved. The formulation exists under the Rawproconcepts(R) program, and is the only supplement program available formulated to fill the deficiencies of the homemade diet as well as the commercial dog food diet. Rawproconcepts(R) recognizes the importance of managing all canine diets under the advisement of a licensed veterinarian. Please consult with a licensed veterinarian prior to the use of any supplements with veterinarian-managed special diets, with any commercial dog food products, or prior to commencing any homemade raw diet feeding program. We hope you enjoy our workbook and feeding program.



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