Bear Season [ePub]

by Bernie Hafeli

In 1951, eleven-year-old Czeslaw, mostly known as Chester, is picked on for not having a father.He, of course, DID have a father - he’d died in the Battle of Monte Cassino during World War II.Chester lives in Detroit with his mother and Uncle Izzy. Chester's mother is a chemist and manages to keep the family afloat.That's good, because Izzy has trouble getting and keeping a job. Though he possesses no physical scars from the war, he is tormented by memories that only alcohol can chase away.

Chester and Izzy like to escape to the roof of their apartment building where Izzy regales the young boy with tales of a mystical bear called Wojtek.Found as a cub by members of Izzy's unit, the bear grew fond of his soldier companions, (and alcohol!), and served as mascot of the Second Company.
While many people considered Izzy's stories as little more than drunken ramblings, Chester is enthralled by the tales.Besides being highly entertaining, he sees them as a link to his father who also served in Second Company.

It takes some doing, but Chester finally manages to convince his mother to allow him to accompany Izzy on a trip to a magical place called...Cleveland.Once there, their discoveries will lead to even further adventures, including a long voyage to visit an old friend.The duo isdetermined to see this thing through, even if it means incurring the wrath of MOM.

This was a wonderful story that has an autobiographical feel to it. I hate to use the word "heartwarming," but it was, it was.Funny, sweet, touching...yeah, I was blubbering by the end.

Highly recommended.



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