The Lemrow Mystery (New York Mysteries Book 1) [ePub]

by Mary Jo Robertiello

After NYPD Detective Steve Kulchek compromises a homicide case, he is demoted to art provenance. Not only does Steve hate art, he knows nothing about it. His heart belongs to homicide.
Steve is assigned to the Lemrow Museum to check out the provenance and security of Chinese statues that are the focus of the upcoming Chen exhibit.
Within days, three people die: one of a supposed heart attack, one as a suicide, the last one as a hit and run victim.
Steve is back in homicide, investigating a case that pries open the secrets of NYC’s most prestigious museum. With his Captain openly rooting for his failure, Steve not only links the three deaths as the work of one killer, he makes the chilling discovery that the murderer is one of the Lemrow insiders.
The Lemrow Mystery is set in the rich and ripe atmosphere of New York life. It is the first in a series about Detective Steve Kulchek.



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