Everything You Need to Know [ePub]

by Christopher Catherwood

A brand new series called Everything You Need to Know, this book in the series highlights the key facts about the most important battles in WWI that took place all over the world, from Australia to the Middle East to Spain. Rich in detail and fascinating facts, this is the definitive guide to the battles of WWI and how it's changed our world today.Our understanding of the twentieth century and beyond hinges upon the First World War. In this new and comprehensive book the fascinating facts are presented in easy to understand language allowing anyone to brush up on the conflict that changed the world we live in today. Will cover areas such as: The key battles such as Ypres, the Somme, Passchendaele, Mons, Arras the infamous trenches of World War I and Vimy RidgeThe key technology changes the tank and the invention of the Royal Flying Corps and the difference that they madeThe role of the USA when they started combat in 1918 and many more!"



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