My One and Only Love [ePub]

by Melanie Schuster

A reclusive attorney teams up with a vibrant actress to help her track down the brother who ruined her financially...and loses his heart.

This is the third book of the series. Martin Deveraux, Clay's brother and Bennie's brother-in-law, was introduced in Lucky in Love and played a pivotal part in Until the End of Time. Now he's the hero, albeit a reluctant one. After a tragic accident left him scarred and ended his marriage to an unfaithful wife, Martin became a reclusive loner. His romantic soul is hidden beneath layers of pain and bitterness and he made a vow to never get close to anyone ever again. Ceylon Simmons, the bubbly and beautiful singer, didn't get that memo, however. She saw him for the first time at Clay and Bennie's wedding and was smitten on the spot. Over the years she's made her interest in him plain, but he was always cool and controlled around her, even though he was equally attracted to her. They had a romantic moment in Unti the End of Time, but nothing came of it until Ceylon's life took a big turn in the wrong direction. Her manager mishandled her finances and stole every penny, leaving her with a huge tax lien. It was bad enough that she'd been deceived, but the man who robbed her blind was her own brother. Ceylon worked herself into a state of physical and emotional exhaustion to straighten out her finances but it took a tremendous toll on her. Bennie and Clay shipped her off to the family vacation home on St. Simon's Island, Georgia, so she could rest and recuperate. Martin had no idea she was there or he would've stayed far away because Ceylon was very hard for him to resist. But he did show up at the house while Ceylon there. She was polite but distant, which wasn't her normal demeanor at all. When he found out from Bennie why she was hiding out on St. Simon's and what she'd been through, Martin was furious on her behalf. She was way too sweet and caring for this to have happened to her. In the days that followed, they both let down their guards and what had been friendly flirtation turned into blazing passion. Even after a sneaky papparazzo found them and plastered pictures all over the media, they still managed to hold on to their love. But when Ceylon's brother is finally brought to justice, a dark secret from Ceylon's past threatens to shatter everything she's worked so hard to regain. It could wreck her career as well as the reputation of her mentor, who happens to be Martin's stepfather. Ceylon has to face down her worst enemy in order to keep the people she loves from being destroyed.



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