Injustice [ePub]

by Tremayne Johnson

Through the eyes of Boobie Ray Jackson, ball is life and life is ball. Since a child, Boobie aspired to be the greatest basketball player to rise from the cold, gritty streets of New York City. He admired the veterans before him; the street ballers he watched day in and day out on the courts right outside of his home. Through vigorous practicing, dedication and determination, he set out to achieve that pot of gold. Boobie had goals, he had plans…

But the streets had a different agenda for Boobie Jackson. In a hate filled world where violence is the only form of respect, and blood can only be avenged by blood, Boobie has a few decisions he has to make. Never in his young life did he think the color of his skin could be a curse.

When the color lines get crossed, the harsh realities set in and Boobie ends up at a crossroad. Which way will he go?

INJUSTICE is a Historical Fiction masterpiece set in real time, based on real people. This is fiction, but don’t get it confused… ain’t nothing fake about this.



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