Deadly Sins [ePub]

by Lena Austin

Xiao Sun's only task to keep the malevolent Agrippa from ever being opened. He's resigned himself to his solitude — until an American, Hogan Ryan, drops into his life. Is Hogan really who he claims to be, or will Sun fail his family by falling to greed?
When he inherits an Agrippa, Alec Roth discovers an incredible zeal for the best that life has to offer. He lives a life of indulgence and gluttony of every imaginable kind — until a near-fatal heart attack convinces Alec he must rebuild his life on his own terms. Then he meets Lillian. Her very presence sets him on fire. This time, the power of the Book may be more than he can resist.
As the Guardian of the Agrippa, Molly Di Maldo purpose is simple: ensure the book is never opened. Should be an easy task. until Jared Roberts leaps over a windowsill and into her castle. What's Molly to do when confronted with a real, flesh and blood man who can satisfy her every burning desire?
As Guardian of the Agrippa of Pride, Dan has resigned himself to the life of a recluse. That is, until ex-conman Ian Hershey shows up on his doorstep just ahead of the Russian Mafia. Just the kind of thing Grip loves. Everybody loves a sinner. Especially a demon.



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