The Malignant Mind series Vol 1-3 [ePub]

by Monique D. Mensah

This collection was absolutely phenomenal!! From start to finish this book without doubt delivered!!
Who Is He to you? - the first story, omg..wonderful! The writing was full and lush, with descriptions that made you FEEL everything that happened. As much as I hurt for Simone, I actually found myself understanding and hurting for her father as well. Ryan however I couldn't stand from start to finsih. She was eptiome of a jacked up chick with no clue. The truth in the story reached out and grabbed you, holding you tightly in its embrace forcing you to face the ugly unspoken reality that things like this do happen.
Inside Rain - the second story was also brilliantly written. I loved all the characters who took me on a kalidescope of emotions, again putting me smack in the middle of everything that went on. I was consistent my dislike of Carmen, th sister, though I found a middle grown of like and understanding where Danny was concerned. The author was able to keep me in suspense and mystery until the very end, which is the only portion I have issue with. The ending to this story kind of let me down, but its not to say it was not a good ending, becasue it was. It just didn't do it for me.
Smoke Screen - the final installment ended this collection with the same heat it started!! I do not regret one moment of this book. This story picked up and caught us up with the characters from Who Is He to You...needless to say I still could not stand Ryan. She somewhat redeemed herself in this one but I still feed her from a super long handled spoon. Simone, Simone, that's all I can say about that chick and her journey. Again, kudos for such a well put together, superbly written, novel!!
I will certainly be looking for new offerings from this author and soon!!!



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