Mamma Mia! A Short Story [ePub]

by Siobhan Daiko

Siobhan Daiko was born in Hong Kong, educated in Perth, Western Australia, and moved to the UK in 1981. She has worked in the City of London, once ran a post office/B&B in Herefordshire, and, more recently, taught Modern Foreign Languages in a Welsh high school. She now lives with her husband and two cats in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, where she spends her time writing, researching historical characters, and enjoying the "dolce vita".

"Lady of Asolo", the renamed "In My Lady's Shadow" is Siobhan's first novel to be published. Her home is near Asolo, the setting for the novel, in a converted artist's studio next to an old farmhouse. At night, she can sometimes hear the sound of a lute playing centuries-old tunes. There is a church at the bottom of the hill, which dates from the 12th Century. The cats will not go down there: they find it too spooky.

"The Orchid Tree" was inspired by her background growing up in Hong Kong in the post-war colonial era. Her grandparents had been interned by the Japanese in the ex-colony from 1942 to 1945, and it was while she was researching their life in the internment camp that the idea for the novel was born. She wanted to bring alive a time and place that no longer exist, but one that will forever be in her heart.

"Fragrant Haven" is a short story e-book, which tells how James, one of the characters in "The Orchid Tree" battles through typhoon and treachery to find his fragrant haven.

Siobhan blogs about writing and her life of romance and adventure in Hong Kong and Italy at

You can connect with her on Twitter @siobhandaiko and her Facebook page

She is currently working on a third novel to tell the story of a 16th Century Venetian courtesan.



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