Survivors' Lullaby [ePub]

by Ruth Moore

"Survivors' Lullaby" is a dramatic and heart wrenching compilation of personal accounts and writings by survivors of catholic clergy abuse. Survivors and their supporters voluntarily submitted their life accounts, poems, speeches and other written testimony. The contributing authors have shared with us the details of years of suffering that they have endured because of the abuse and the subsequent cover-up of the crimes committed. They have made it vividly clear as to why it is not possible to "Just get over it" or to "Just move on." Included in this book are survivor submissions from Colorado, Indiana, Canada as well as from the local Boston area. Supporting friends have also submitted their recollections of sidewalk demonstrations that occurred in several New England locations and why they have become strong advocates for survivors. Some of the accounts in this book describe graphic details of ritual and sexual abuse and for this reason, younger readers or those who may be emotionally fragile, should not read this book. The purpose of this book is to end the decades of silence that masked this human disaster and to reveal the horrific details of crimes that have been and continue to be committed. Susan Renehan, a survivor and vocal advocate once stated, "We need the truth before we can heal." Only when we know the truth, embrace our wounded and make the necessary changes to our laws, can we ensure the safety of our next generation of children and young adults.



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