Operational Integration of Information Warfare Hypertext Book [ePub]

by Anthony C. Smith

This hypertext book provides a summary of Information Warfare (IW) concepts, and establishes planning guidance for employing these concepts in combat. Specifically, this book defines what IW is and why its important, summarizes current IW employment methods, discusses how to build an IW campaign plan, identifies key IW support agencies, and discusses IW's future potential. In defining IW, it takes an innovative look at IW's relation to the principles of war and the USAF Tenets of Aerospace Power, using historical examples for amplification. Further, it merges time tested campaign planning principles with IW concepts to assist commanders and planners in employing IW on the battlefield. It was designed to familiarize Air Education and Training Command (AETC) students, and potential field commanders, on this fast growing warfare discipline. This book can also serve as a ready reference for planning IW operations during a contingency-it attempts to summarize key concepts found in 115-plus DOD regulations, pamphlets, and instructions on IW, and related areas.



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