Century of the Wind (Memory of Fire 3) [ePub]

by Eduardo Galeano

The last volume of the trilogy Memory of Fire.

My expectation was less. I thought that after thoroughly enjoying the first (Genesis) and second (Faces & Masks) the novelty would have worn off and I'd have not much reason to gush over it. I was wrong. The metaphors here are as startling as ever, the characters as unforgettable, the relived history as heartbreaking and the prose as ecstatic.

For meMemory of Fire is one rare book which, if I find someone rating it a low 4 stars I'd wonder if he really knows how to read (with apologies to those who gave it 4 stars and the very few who rated any of the three volumes much lower). It is a shame that this has not become as popular as, say, GG Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude (397,491 ratings here at GR with an ave. rating of 3.98) and I wonder if its rating would go down if it manages to improve its readership by even half as much as that of the latter. In the meantime the figures are:

1. Genesis738 ratings 4.38 ave.rating
2. Faces & Masks467 ratings 4.49 ave. rating
3. Century of the Wind541 ratings 4.55 ave. rating

I have already read and reviewed four books by Galeano so enough of him. I'm sure there are other writers I need to discover.



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