Mostly Madly [ePub]

by Patrick Fealey

Love and its pain. Sex and its satisfactions. The joys of both. Mostly Madly is about a young journalist who is mourning the loss of first love and the women who remedy him – at their own pleasure and peril. Tommy Risk is a man in transition, moving on from his girlfriend of five years, Jess, a cool fashion model, into a world of sex and love which revives him and enhances his understanding of women. He had treated Jess like a goddess, only to earn disdain as she attempted to shame him into someone he wasn’t. With his newfound freedom from emotional oppression, he reengages as a man who treats women the way women have taught him to treat women. Tommy quits his newspaper job and moves to the Villa Spaghetti to work on his first novel. We meet Felicia, an archaeologist who does not believe in monogamy and whom Tommy has loved since they met five years earlier. There is Justine, an aggressive feminist who Tommy suspects is intent on riding him until he can’t walk. Tommy endures a sociopathic housemate, a miserly and loveless photographer intent on destroying any joy he sees. Pam is a lifelong crush who comes back into his life 20 years after she rejected him. And Layne is a young art student who is exploring her sexuality with the force of an innocent. In the end, love heals love, and what Tommy thinks about women includes a lot of what he is not thinking about women.



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