I Know What You Did Last Christmas [ePub]

by Laura Briggs

Two coworkers...One very big Christmas secret.

Lisel Bishop and Marc Romez are a perfect team when it comes to luring bestselling authors to sign with Holly Tree Publishing...and less than perfect when it comes to their personal relationship. Perfectionist Lisel struggles for control while easygoing Marc uses his charms to undermine her efforts–as if the two are rivals instead of partners.

As far as any of their coworkers know, it's always been like this between them. But that's about to change, when Lisel receives a mysterious note claiming their secret is about to be revealed...one involving last year's Christmas vacation, a snowy ski lodge, and a little holiday magic.

As they struggle to keep the truth about last Christmas in the dark–and pull together their partnership once again–will Lisel and Marc find a holiday surprise is worth a few romantic secrets?



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